Adoption Considerations

A cat at the Seattle Animal Shelter

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Adopting a new pet can be a fun experience, but there are many things that you have to keep in mind during this process. The first thing you have to consider is where you are going to adopt your pet from. If you adopt from a rescue organization you will likely have more freedom over what procedures you have to have done on your pet. However if you adopt from an animal shelter you will more than likely be required to have your pet spayed or neutered.

Once you have decided where you are adopting from, you get to pick your pet. This can be fun, but also very hard because you will likely want to take all of the animals home with you. Spend plenty of time and make sure you choose a pet that will fit well in your household. Once you have chosen your pet, you will have to get your home ready for your pet.

If you are bringing home an indoor pet, you will want to make sure you have a litter box or toilet area set up for them, and if you are bringing home an outdoor pet you will need to set up a fence or other way of keeping your pet safe. You will also want to provide them with a house or shelter to keep them warm and dry.

There are so many other little things you have to consider too. You want to make sure you have plenty of food, toys and other things to make your pet’s first days at home comfortable for them. Before long, you and your pet will feel more comfortable with each other and you will find out what other items you need to help make their lives as rich as you can make them.

Bringing Your Adopted Pet Home

Rescuing and adopting a pet is a very noble thing to do. It’s takes a special person to help an animal that has been abandoned and give it a home. While it feels good to adopt a pet, there are some obstacles that come along with it. Your new pet has likely been neglected and not cared for well at all. It might be difficult, especially during the first few days, to understand and care for your pet. If you are adopting a new pet, keep these tips in mind for caring for your pet the first few days and weeks.

1.       Be prepared for accidents. Your pet is in a new environment and that means there will be more accidents. If you are getting a dog, this is especially true as a dog will mark his territory. Have some pet cleaning supplies on hand and be patient those first few days.

2.       Be patient with the pet. Your new pet will need to adjust to your rules and schedule. Be patient as he gets used to being in your family and begins to understand what is acceptable behavior.

3.       Start practicing good behavior now. While you do need to be patient with your new pet, you also need to set clear ground rules. Begin from day one letting your new pet know what is appropriate and what is not in terms of behavior. Start setting the patterns you would like to see later, now.

4.       Change his name. If you are giving your pet a new name, be sure to use it from the beginning and use it consistently. It may take your pet a few days to respond to his new name.

Most importantly, when you are adopting a new pet, be sure to give him lots of love and attention.