Adoption Considerations

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Adopting a new pet can be a fun experience cmc trading platform review, but there are many things that you have to keep in mind during this process. The first thing you have to consider is where you are going to adopt your pet from. If you adopt from a rescue organization found in websites like you will likely have more freedom over what procedures you have to have done on your pet. However if you adopt from an animal shelter you will more than likely be required to have your pet spayed or neutered.

Once you have decided where you are adopting from, you get to pick your pet. This can be fun, but also very hard because you will likely want to take all of the animals home with you. Spend plenty of time and make sure you choose a pet that will fit well in your household. Once you have chosen your pet, you will have to get your home ready for your pet.

If you are bringing home an indoor pet, you will want to make sure you have a litter box or toilet area set up for them, and if you are bringing home an outdoor pet you will need to set up a fence or other way of keeping your pet safe. You will also want to provide them with a house or shelter to keep them warm and dry.

There are so many other little things you have to consider too. You want to make sure you have plenty of food, toys and other things to make your pet’s first days at home comfortable for them. Before long, you and your pet will feel more comfortable with each other and you will find out what other items you need to help make their lives as rich as you can make them.

How to Care For Your Pet’s Teeth

Did you know that kittens receive their baby teeth at six month of age? Cats end up with a set of 30 permanent teeth. Dogs have 42 teeth that grow in after losing their initial set. Caring for these teeth is an integral part of keeping pets healthy.


Every good cleaning begins with a good toothpaste. Human toothpaste can be harmful to your pet. Pet toothpaste is formulated with enzymes to help further remove food and plaque. Flavors like malt, vanilla-mint, and beef bring fun to brushing time. Your vet can help choose the right one.


When choosing a toothbrush for your pet, consider the size of their teeth. Brushes come in double-ended, glove-styled, and varied angles to suit your pet’s needs. A few things to consider are comfort of style, ease of use, as well as the personality of your pet. A calm, careful approach, along with praise and reassurance goes a long way. Soon, brushing Fido or Fifi’s teeth will be as easy as looking up a pet store on Canada 411.


A wet washcloth is useful to wipe down teeth before brushing. Having a washcloth handy also helps wipe any excess toothpaste or saliva.

Finger Cot

A finger cot can also prove useful when a toothbrush just doesn’t seem to work. If your pet’s toothbrush doesn’t seem to be the ideal instrument for teeth cleaning, a plastic finger cot tipped with a brush surface might do the trick. By taking your pet in to the vet for the first dental cleaning, you will be able to see first hand the best approach to pet dental care at home.

The Best Pets for Apartments

If your apartment complex is one that does allow pets, this still does not mean you should indiscriminately choose any pet. The apartment complex may still have some restrictions or your pet will simply need to literally fit the dimensions of your apartment.

No matter how roomy your apartment may seem to you and others who live there, a large dog will take up a lot of that room. In addition, most large dogs need a place where they can run, jump, and be more physically active than a few daily walks allow them to be. Medium-size dogs, such as those in the terrier range, or small dogs, such as toy poodles are better suited for apartment living.

Cats always make good apartment pets. They are usually quiet saxo bank charges, and even the more vocal ones such as Siamese aren’t really that loud, and, of course, don’t require walking. And, even larger cats such as Burmese or other breeds don’t take up as much room as medium-size or large dog.

Birds can often be a good choice as apartment pets, if they are not unusually vocal. A screeching macaw, parrot, cockatoo, or other bird may have the propensity to disturb others; songbirds such as parakeets, canaries, love birds and similar species may be the more logical choice. It’s important to ask the management HOA personnel upfront about their policy regarding pets.

No matter which pet you choose, management HOA personnel may require a substantial damage deposit as well as payment for repairs caused by pets clawing, chewing on, or otherwise damaging walls, window treatments, door sills, baseboards and other things in the apartment. This will be something you will need to consider.

Feeding Your Pets a Raw Food Diet: Is it a fad?

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The past few years has seen the emergence of feeding dogs and cats a raw food diet. It is also known as BARF, an acronym for bones and raw food. Advocates of the diet say that it is as close to a wild diet as a domesticated pet is going to receive. However, is a raw diet a good thing? Or is it a fad?

The first thing to look at with the raw diets is how closely they mimic the food found in the wild. Just because we have domesticated cats and dogs does not mean we have domesticated their digestive systems. So on first glance, a raw diet is beneficial. But each species needs to be fed a specific type of raw diet. Dogs are omnivorous, and cats are obligate carnivores.

Commercial pet foods, while not always having the best ingredients, still adhere to a set of guidelines and provide specific nutrients your pet needs. However, a cat is not designed to digest grains, whereas a dog can. Feeding a cat food that is laden with grains is the cause of a stinky litter box. It is a fact that raw diets eliminate smell almost entirely. Dogs also should be fed a diet that is higher in meat than grains, but they can still consume corn and rice.

Ultimately a raw diet is beneficial to pets and is not a fad, but there are nutrients that are lacking in a straight raw meat diet. Research before feeding, and ensure that the necessary vitamins and minerals are supplemented.


Exotic pets that are perfect for apartments

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A pet can make a house a home.  It’s human nature to care and nurture and its proven thats it’s also good for the soul to keep pets, particularly if you live alone.  But what if you live in an apartment?  A dog can be difficult unless you have the time and physical fitness to excercise one properly and what if cat hair makes you sneeze or you want a pet to suit your quirky personality?

Choosing an exotic pet may not be an impossibility and in some cases they are clean and easy to look after.  Here are a few suggestions.

  • Hermit Crabs.  These little fellas have their own characters and you can have great fun painting shells of different sizes in non-toxic paints to give them fancy, colourful new homes!
  • Frogs are gaining popularity as a great kids pet. These amphibians may not give you cuddles but will give you many years of joyful entertainment.  Easy to care for and most pet stores will advise you on the tank they need and of course access to water.  They do eat insects tho so be prepared to handle the odd mealworm!
  • Tarantulas.  These are only for the serious exotic pet enthusiast.  They take a lot of commitment and care to keep them in good health.  But for commited spider owners their are years of fascination, interaction with a truly exotic pet which some say display signs of love!

So from the tamest to the almost terryfing there is an exotic pet that you can choose to live happily in your apartment for many years to come!

4 Exotic Pets That are Perfect for Apartments

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Pet lovers renting apartments have to be careful to make sure, not only that the apartment they rent allows pets, but that their lifestyle is conducive to pet ownership. Some people simply don’t have enough time to care for a dog or cat. However, if you are a pet lover in this situation fear not, there are alternatives to these traditional pets.

Owning a more exotic pet, one that requires less day to day care could be the solution. There also are apartments for rent that allow exotic pets, but may not be as welcoming to domestic pets, such as cats and dogs. Let’s explore some of the choices.

COCKATIELS: This exotic and colorful bird requires little care, can stay in the cage while you are at work, and yet it can learn to talk. Following a healthy diet, having play time and interaction with people, a cockatiel can live more than 20 years.

IGUANAS: Iguanas require an aquarium with light and warmth. They like to climb on small branches, and eat iguana food, with a smattering of fresh fruits and vegetables.

SCORPIONS: A scorpion may be just the right choice. It requires little care, an aquarium, and it eats bugs. There are courses available to learn exotic pet care.

FERRETS: Playful and fun to watch, a ferret will sleep most of the day and is most active in the early evening, perhaps the perfect pet for an apartment owner with a full time job.

With so many types of exotic pets to choose from, having an apartment does not mean giving up one’s love for animals.

Pet Food Recalls-FAQ

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Pet owners need to stay up to date on food recalls and be aware of the potential health problems that contaminated products pose to animals. Here are answers to common questions when your pet has been exposed to tainted food.

Why is my pet’s food being recalled?
The FDA tests samples of pet food and will issue a recall if substances like melamine are found.

What is melamine etoro charges?
Melamine is used as an industrial binding agent and as fertilizer in some parts of the world. It has been known to cause severe kidney damage in children and pets that have ingested melamine-tainted food. In 2007, a massive recall was initiated after melamine was found in wheat gluten imported from China. Pets that ate the tainted food suffered serious illnesses and even death.

What if my pet gets sick from recalled pet food?
Contact your veterinarian immediately. You may also consider contacting a class action attorney Los Angeles or other cities offer to discuss potential settlements.

How can I be sure my pet is getting the best quality food?
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommends only high quality, premium pet food because these brands are extensively researched and specially formulated.

Is it safer to feed my pet homemade food?
Recalls are very rare and, as long as you are choosing a premium product, you may never run into a problem. Homemade diets are an option, but will require time, effort and money to ensure your pet is getting adequate nutrition. Consult with your veterinarian or an animal nutritionist before beginning a homemade food plan.

Stop Barking..!!

Owning a dog has a lot of positive effects, but everything in this world comes with its own share of negative things as well. Similarly there are few negative things about having a dog as a pet. And one among them is the excessive barking of a dog especially at the middle of the night, which may be a major cause of disturbance and annoyance not only to the owners but also to the neighbors which in turn can create disturbances in the social interaction between the owner and the neighbors.  Few dogs develop a habit of barking unnecessarily throughout the night thereby creating nuisance, in order to solve the problem one should break that habit, which can be done by taking assistance of the bark collars. A bark collar is a device which gets activated when a dog barks and causes irritation to the dog which upon realizing the cause of irritation will stop unnecessary barking.

There are many different types of bark collars available in the market which uses different mechanisms to train the dog and prevent it from barking unnecessarily. Among them are the ultrasound bark collars which get activated when the dog barks and emits ultrasonic sound waves which are audible to dogs and irritates the dog for few seconds. There are other collars which when gets activated gives a small jolt of electric shock to the dog. The dogs are sensitive to Citronella, they find its smell very irritating, this is made use of in few bark collars where Citronella solution is stored in the collar and when activated a tiny amount will be sprayed near the nose and causes irritation to the dog and gradually fades away.

Walking With The Dogs

Dogs are the most faithful animals and they are social animals as well. There are a lot of people who have dogs as pets and there is also one common practice which most of them follow, which is taking the dog out for a walk. Even though it is mostly out of the habit, it has a great benefit for the dogs as well. There are a lot of reasons why we should take our dogs out for work. . The dogs are used to roaming around as they are born to be nomadic before they were tamed and used as pets. Taking a dog out for walk is like meeting one of its daily needs just like eating. The daily walk instills the sense of territory in them and they will be familiarized to the surroundings and which will help them to roam around easily and also get back home on their own by chance they get lost. Walking alongside ones dogs also helps create a bond between the dog and the owner and also it helps the owner gain and maintains the authoritative status as the leader. It is advisable to talk with the dog while taking it for a walk and also stick to punishment free obedience training.

By taking the dog out for walks in the locality, it gets a chance to socialize with the other dogs in the locality and it helps the dog develop socializing skills and also helps it overcome its aggressiveness and timidity. And more important is the exercise the dog gets while walking. The pets seldom get a chance for physical activity when at home and the physical activity in necessary to maintain good health.

Why Golden Retrievers?

Dogs are regarded as the man’s faithful friend and among the many breeds of dogs, Golden Retriever is one. Golden Retriever is a very sought after breed of dogs and they are popular and preferred for their high intelligence among the dogs and also for their gentle temperament. The Golden Retrievers are considered to be very loyal and they love to please their owners. The Golden Retriever is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a dog which is easy to raise and maintain. These Golden retrievers don’t show behavioral problems and they are a low maintenance breed.

These Golden Retrievers have got their name because of their coats which are generally in different shades of cream and gold. The Golden Retrievers have a thick coat and they shed all around the year, which is one of the problems faced by its owners and this problem can be overcome by brushing the dog everyday for few minutes thereby preventing the hairs from falling all over the household.

These dogs have dark, round attractive eyes, broad head and a straight muzzle. The male Golden Retrievers reach up to the weight of 70lbs whereas the females weigh around 60lbs and these dogs can grow up to heights of 21 to 24 inches. The golden retrievers grow very fast and they can attain half of their weight within months.

These dogs are comfortable growing in both small and large living spaces but care should be taken that these dogs get enough exercise as they can easily gain weight and grow fat. The Golden retrievers are very social and it is advisable to pay attention to it for at least a hour or two per day